Assessment of Potential

Assessment of Potential, People Capacity Solutions

People Capacity Solutions supports individuals through culture friendly assessment instruments and through facilitation sessions to embark on careers that suit their personal strengths, interests and likings.

Through our career focussed training and development programmes, we empower employees to facilitate their own career planning and management thereof. This approach is in line with international standards that promote individual responsibility for career and personal development.

We use instruments developed in South Africa with suitable norms and standards – therefore providing decision-makers with a scientific snapshot of the potential of existing- and prospective employees.

Assessment Centres

The assessment centre division of People Capacity Solutions has an excellent reputation in the development of assessment centres that are tailored to specific organisational needs. This option allows organisations to own an organisation specific assessment centre with internal employees that have been empowered to administer the centres. This option therefore focuses on ensuring internal capacity building.

People Capacity Solutions will also administer and facilitate customised assessment centres in any organisation to identify management potential or potential for any specific position in the organisation.

The outcome of all the People Capacity Solutions assessments is a personal feedback session and a resultant personal development plan. This plan can support individuals to take responsibility for their own career development through focussed interventions.

The Wheel®

The Wheel is a culture-friendly instrument used to assess an individual’s potential under pressure. This instrument assesses the total person, more specifically the following dimensions:

  • Thinking style (Decision-making preferences, ability to prioritise/discriminate, analytical ability, and orientation to detail)
  • Passion, energy levels and drive
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Willingness and ability to take control in situations
  • Willingness and ability to influence situations
  • Motivation
  • Emotional coping style
  • Cognitive coping style
  • Leadership EQ