Business Performance Improvement Programme

Business Performance Improvement Programme, People Capacity Solutions

Business Performance Improvement Programme is a Certificate Programme in Partnership with University of Pretoria.

Research about leadership best practice highlights that strategy alone is not enough. Organisations require managerial leaders that can achieve strategies through and with its people. The underlying principle of this programme is that the primary purpose of leadership is to improve performance.

This programme will focus on enabling managers to align their areas of responsibility with the strategic priorities of the organisation, analyse to understand where for to focus their efforts to improve performance and then to lead and enable their teams towards performance improvement.

This programme is completed modular – i.e., 2 days per month for 5 months with opportunity to apply learning in the workplace before progressing to the next “building block”)

  • Module 1 – strategic alignment and performance improvement analysis. The outcome is understanding where to focus towards achieving growth and alignment.
  • Module 2 – results-based planning – i.e. how to move from objectives to results.
  • Module 3 – Practical leadership enabling techniques to influence as primary leadership skill. This results in improved engagement levels, increased motivation, self-awareness, productivity and ensuring team members perform at the point of independence.
  • Module 4(a) – On-the-job monitoring, control and performance improvement coaching.
  • Module 4(b) – Resolving conflict with internal and external stakeholders (practical techniques).
  • Module 5 – Securing the right people towards optimised team performance.


Note: All of the above can also be presented as stand-alone modules