Facilitation Skills Programme

Facilitation Skills Programme, People Capacity Solutions

The recent introduction of the Skills Development Act has resulted in a paradigm shift that requires a transformation from input-based to outcomes-based learning.

The PCS Facilitation Skills Programme caters for the needs of the diverse adult learning environment of South African organisations.

The programme empowers facilitators to recognise prior learning and experience and to deal with adult learning requirements.

The programme is based on comprehensive research to solve South African problems and also on internationally recognised outcomes for facilitators.

PCS offers two Facilitation Skills Programmes. The one programme caters for facilitators of learning, while the other one has been designed for Change Champions and Managers.

The competencies, i.e. the skills, knowledge, attitudes, values and capabilities, which will be ensured during the PCS programme, can be made available on request. The existing programme for the facilitation of learning includes the following modules.

  • Understanding adult learning.
  • Facilitation skills – the basics.
  • Planning and preparing for facilitation sessions
  • How to apply intervention techniques.
  • Facilitation of group sessions.
  • Questions and feedback as facilitation tools.
  • Facilitating problem solving and decision making in groups.
  • Facilitating conflict in groups.