Management Development Competencies

Management Development Competencies, People Capacity Solutions

Research suggests that managers require an array of competencies to be effective in the modern era. PCS identified 38 competencies that can support managers with the changing complexities of the work environment.

Our team supports the client to conduct an online 180-degree needs analysis with a resulting development plan highlighting the specific management development needs ranked according to the need of the organisation, region or department.

The PCS Management Development Programmes follow an integrated approach to ensure:

  • Development opportunities for potential managers.
  • Continuous development of employees.

Our Management Development Competencies are modularised into four domains:

  1. Organisational Competencies
    • Understanding Organisational Behaviour and the Business World
    • Understanding the Business as a System of Networks
    • Networking Skills (Internal & External)
    • Acting in a Professional and Ethical Manner
    • Managing Change and Transformation
    • Ensuring Quality
    • Focussing on the Customer
    • Managing within the Law
    • Strategic Alignment
    • Managing Resistance to Change
    • Ensuring Growth and Sustainability – Entrepreneurial Management
  2. Interpersonal Competencies
    • Motivating People
    • Leading People
    • Managing Performance
    • Communicating Effectively
    • Dealing with Conflict
    • Managing Diversity
    • Managing Employees’ Careers
    • Ensuring Healthy Human Relations
    • Mentoring
    • Coaching
    • Negotiating
    • Facilitating Group Dynamics
  3. Personal Competencies
    • Managing Yourself
    • Managing Time
    • Writing Effectively in a Business Environment
    • Handling stress
  4. Resource Management Competencies
    • Planning and managing a budget
    • Managing Projects
    • Analysing and Utilising Information
    • Financial proficiency
    • Planning Effectively
    • Solving Problems and Taking Decisions
    • Monitoring and Controlling Resources
    • Organising Resources
    • Securing the Right People
    • Developing Employees
    • Managing Teams

All learning interventions are outcomes-based allowing learners to apply the learning to work-related scenario’s, case studies and role-plays.

Each of the modules is facilitated over a different time span and tailored to the needs of the client