Performance Improvement Coaching for Managers and Experts

Performance Improvement Coaching, People Capacity Solutions

Coaching forms an integral part of the responsibility of leadership. Managerial leaders should no longer wonder if they should be coaching team members or not – they should understand that their primary purpose as leaders, is to improve the performance of their areas of responsibility one person at a time. Managerial leaders do not lead targets and objectives – they lead people that are paid to achieve targets and objectives.

As per the findings of the Harvard Business School (Managers think they’re good at coaching – they are not, 2020, Leader as Coach, 2019, Mangers don’t know how to coach people, 2018), most managers misunderstand coaching for “quick fixes” and fail to empower people through interventions that enable them to find their own solutions to challenges.

Coaching can also be used a motivational tool and retention strategy for performers and experts. Empowering performers and experts to coach others ensures recognition, job expansion as well as potential for succession.

Our approach is underpinned by a combination of sound research and over 40 years’ experience in leadership development. The focus is on ability to coach and not just understanding how to coach – hence a strong practical focus of application through experiential learning.

The role of the leader is to ensure all team members can function at the Point of Independence – this programme will empower managerial leaders and prospective coaches to achieve this.