Behavioural Excellence Programme

Behavioural Excellence Programme, People Capacity Solutions

Ensuring Productive Behaviour at Work

South Africa has improved its position in the latest World Competitiveness Report. There is still one dimension where South Africa finds itself last in this international ranking – the productivity of its people.

Experience in working with teams across all industries highlighted that relationships at work is one of the biggest contributors to negative stress.

PCS has developed an intervention that has supported various top South African and multi-national organisations to improve the productive behaviour of its people.

The intervention enables people to understand behaviour and the impact thereof on personal effectiveness and efficiency. With this understanding in place, we develop Self Awareness as a critical Emotional Intelligence competency – hence we enable you to become aware of what you’re feeling and then empower you to take responsibility for ensuring productive outcomes. We enable you to achieve this through productive influence and responsible assertiveness.

In the Behavioural Excellence Programme we empower delegates with the following:

  • Understanding behaviour and the effect thereof on self and others.
  • Techniques to apply responsible assertiveness
  • Techniques to apply productive influence
  • Practical Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Facilitate improved understanding of people – irrespective of race, gender and age.
  • How to deal with authority
  • Communicating your needs
  • Providing feedback to enhance relationships
  • State your opinion