Organisational Development

Organisational Development, People Capacity Solutions

People Capacity Solutions supports organisations to align individual performance to organisational objectives and strategies. In the process the organisation can be assured that the performance and development of each employee would support organisational effectiveness achievement.
We partner with our clients to determine the causes for existing challenges and collaborate towards developing solutions for existing challenges. The typical strategic inputs that we apply in this process include:

  • Facilitation of strategic planning sessions
  • Strategy Alignment Sessions (departmental)
  • Performance analysis and solution design

Examples of our successes in applying the PCS approach and methodology

  • Improved the accident and incident rate of a total region (province) in a market leader organisation from last to first in one year.
  • Supported an organisation to improve its national Synovate rating from third to first by focusing on the cause of the problem nationally and designing a holistic intervention to address the problem as well as the cause.
  • Supported an international company to achieve its sales and profitability targets for the first time in 11 years.