Team Development Interventions

Team Development Interventions, People Capacity Solutions

People Capacity Solutions believes that team effectiveness and efficiency will become one of the most important requirements of successful organisations in future. With this in mind, PCS developed a methodology to develop teams to ensure that the team adds value to overall organisational effectiveness and efficiency. The intervention is designed and developed around the 15 dimensions of world-class teams.
What makes our Team Development different?

  • It builds the team through addressing challenges threatening team effectiveness and efficiency.
  • We determine the challenges through proper analysis.
  • It focuses on the individuals that make up the team.
  • Individuals get the opportunity to get to know and understand themselves as well as team members.
  • The team understands their weaknesses and learns to work around these weaknesses as well as how to support Individuals in the team.
  • The process assesses the balance of the team and their orientation to people, task and innovation.
  • The process focuses on the characteristics of effective teams based on international standards.
  • The process focuses on real challenges in the team as well as strategies to address these going forward.
  • The team formulates plans of action with performance criteria, responsible people and deadlines.
  • The team takes ownership for their decisions.
  • The total process focuses on enabling rather than informing and eventual internal capacity building.