People Capacity Solutions (Pty) Ltd (PCS) is a BEE Level 4 company registered with the W&R Seta. PCS is a management consulting firm that partners with its clients and supports them in:

  • Organisational Development
  • Learning and Development
  • Career Development

People Capacity Solutions develops customised solutions by working with the client to fully understand the client's needs. By means of PCS-specific instruments, we obtain insights and information on both the organisation and the individual. We thus link individual performance to organisational objectives and strategy achievement.

PCS project teams partner with clients and jointly design a range of suitable interventions that will provide sustainable solutions.

Our human resource development interventions are tailored to align organisational and individual needs. With an understanding of the individual and organisational needs, we contextualise interventions to optimise learning. Following adult learning principles, PCS project teams work in partnership with clients to implement these solutions, and evaluate the impact and return on investment of our interventions.

PCS prides itself in supporting market leaders in various industries and multi-national organisations with excellent results and feedback from such organisations. No organisation is too big or small to deserve quality consultation from our project teams.

PCS management prides itself in holding post-graduate degrees related to our areas of expertise. Dr. Chris Lombard designed a unique solution to enable managers to deal with resistance to change and ensuring successful change interventions. This model has been implemented in six first-world countries as well as in various South African organisations. Dr. Lombard was awarded with the NCP and ABSA awards for facilitation.